Acne is a common obsession of many people because it makes the face “lose points” seriously. In particular, many people do not end up despite having persevered with many measures. According to dermatologists, only when you distinguish the types of acne, know exactly what acne you are suffering from, will find the right way to get rid of the hated acne. Let’s find out in this article to finish the “stubborn” acne!


Distinguish the types of acne


The cause of blackheads is dirt, dead cells and clogged oil in the pores. The acne has a black head, which is quite hard, located on the surface of the skin and is mainly concentrated on the nose and sides of the cheeks. Blackheads can also turn into severe inflammatory acne if not handled properly.


Whiteheads are basically the same as blackheads. The only difference is that whiteheads do not cause the pores to open, but it only clogs. So it is not exposed to air, does not oxidize so does not change color. The acne nucleus is located in the pores, hard, white. Acne can float on the skin of the face but not swollen, not red.

Sebum fiber

Sebum fibers are formed by a mixture of bacteria, sebum lipids and dead cells around the hair follicles. At first glance, the sebum fiber is quite similar to whiteheads. But sebum fibers are usually tiny, or grow in clusters, and when molded, they are small, long and white strands (not hard and short cores like blackheads or whiteheads). Sebum fibers are common in the chin area under the lips and on both sides of the nose.

Hidden pimples

With this type of acne, you will not see the acne head, which makes the skin a bit rough, not smooth and the skin can not get rid of the acne. This acne is usually under the skin longer than other acne and its legs are quite deep so if not molded all will make the acne worse, leading to swelling of inflammation into acne, pustules.

Red pimples

Red pimples are red and painful swollen acne, difficult to see the acne nucleus so it is difficult to remove the acne nucleus. Red pimples are likely to lead to pimples, cystic acne is very high if not treated properly. Unclean facial hygiene that seals pores and the habit of molding acne are common causes of red pimples.


Covered acne is a rather severe type of inflammatory acne, swollen larger, harder and redder than red pimples. Pimples often contain a lot of pus on the inside and cause aches and pains, easily leaving scars after healing acne due to inflammation ingrained under skin cells.

Acne treatment at ANNA ORGANIC NAILS SPA

Liệu trình Chăm Sóc Da Điều Trị Mụn Tiêu Chuẩn Y Khoa TAI ANNA ORGANIC NAILS SPA.

Taking acne kernels is one of the important steps in acne skin care. So why does it occupy such an important position? Because it will bring extremely important advantages: Remove the acne nucleus safely and quickly, without causing pain to customers. Prevents the formation, development and spread of pimples on the skin. Helps the skin to be ventilated, no longer clogged. At the same time, supporting nutrients from cosmetics is better penetrated. Avoid inflammation, infection. Do not cause damage to the skin as well as do not leave bad scars on the skin, preventing pitted scars from losing aesthetics to the skin. Tightening the pores, combined with the application of treatment drugs will help acne quickly disappear. Reduces pain swelling immediately and destroys bacterial nests on the skin 100%.

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